Potted Herb Garden Ideas

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I have a thing for growing herbs in containers.

Pots are easy. Containers can be placed right outside the kitchen door, on the deck or balcony. You don’t need a lot of room for a container and with a large enough pot you can grow several herbs at once!

Let’s take a look at these great container herb garden ideas from the blogosphere

Upside down hanging herb garden from Persephone Magazine.

Uside down hanging herbgardening after - persephone magazine

And then there is this one with bricks and terra cotta pot from HGTV


And our portable ladder garden


My messy patio…but I don’t have to make a trip to the garden for fresh herbs!


Terraced pots of herbs from Apartment Therapy.


Or how about this old washtub full of herbs from A Dash of Humble Pie?


And finally this hanging garden from RaveandReview.


Hopefully you have a few more ideas for your container herb garden!

Via: Growing Herbs For Beginners

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